The Graduate

Jamie Lok was born in the United States in 1984. On Friday May 22, 2009 she attended with her family the ceremony and celebration of the graduations of the School of Public Health of University of Maryland, College Park, United States.
Both Jamie’s parents are Cambodian native. Her mother - Horn Lok - arrived in the United States in 1980 with her mother and other siblings… Jamie’s father - Kimline Lok - has lived in the United States much longer as he arrived there as a student in law in 1972. He is today retired after a successful career as the owner of a “7-11” shop.
Nearly 30 years after her mother had to flee her country devastated by the KR regime, and after 7 years of hard works, Jamie Lok has graduated with an MPH, a Master of Public Health. Jamie’s project now is to work for the government or a federal agency, and probably later in the future, to continue her studies to achieve even more than where she is now…

Photo essay and text story: Stephane Janin