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Photo story - Demo Papa Dub /Asia Motion

Demo Papa Dub /Asia Motion

New collaboration between Papa Dub and Asia Motion.

Papa Dub composed music on
"Maman Belle" from Victor Corolleur/Asia Motion

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Photo story - A maman belle

A maman belle

Photo story - Belle in Wonderland

Belle in Wonderland

Photo story - Belle Bulles

Belle Bulles

Photo story - Around kethya with love

Around kethya with love

Victor Corolleur's biography

Born in France in 1965. Self made autodidact, Victor worked for almost 20 years as a light designer & photography director.
Victor had a master 2 degree in computer and arts science in France Lyon 2 University 3 years ago.Victor worked 10 years ago in Vietnam for 2 years, then worked for 7 years in west Africa, and nowadays lives for 2 years in Cambodia.
Corolleur worked also all around Europe and Canada for many years for special events, fashion shows, contemporary dance and theater. His latest projects includes developing light design, sound design, installations, photo and video.

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