September 2019

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Asia Motion Newsletter - September 2019

Veejay villafranca   NGO Storytelling,

Veejay Villafranca in NGO Storytelling

Top photo captions : A mother cradles her newborn baby while awaiting visiting health workers in Southern Philippines. © Veejay Villafranca

Veejay Villafranca shared some thoughts on collaboration between aid organizations and photographers regarding representation and pursuing advocacies with photography at the center.

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MAK Remissa Left three days

Remissa MAK LEFT THREE DAYS projected at he Indian Photo festival and published

"Left Three Days" by Remissa MAK was projected at the Indian Photo festival this month along amazing photographers,

Furthermore The French Ministry of Culture is currently working on editing a catalogue of the photographic prints acquired by the French public institutions and museums during the academic year 2017-2018.
Le Bec en l’air, a Marseille-based photobook publisher, has been commissioned to publish that catalogue. One photograph of "LEFT Three Days by Remissa Mak has been selected to be reproduced in the catalogue.

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Like other Cambodians, some of my family members died from the killing, starvation, forced labor and torture under the Khmer Rouge regime. Most of those who have survived the regime do not wish to recall such painful memories nor do they try to remember in order to avoid continues emotional suffer...

George Jeffries for the European Investment Bank Clean Water Cambodia

George shot and produced a video for the EIB,

"Meet Phon Deb and Mao Tara – two Cambodian residents from the village of Prey Porpel – amongst the 50 000 families who will see their lives change thanks to the new Bakheng water treatment plant, backed by the European Union and its bank the EIB. Overall, the project will provide clean water to 2.5 million people living in the countryside and cities.

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Veejay villafranca   NGO Storytelling,

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