November 2017

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Asia Motion Newsletter - November 2017

SIGNOS by Veejay Villafranca published by MAPA Books.

"Families that have been displaced for several months due to stagnant floodwaters from prolonged monsoon rains in 2012, seek temporary shelter in a rundown cola factory in Laguna, Philippines"
"The change in earth's temperature is predicted to cause stronger typhoons like Haiyan. Every year, as more people face these issues, SIGNOS illustrates the new norm, a dark sign of things to come. Climate change does not happen in isolation. The signs are clear and there's no denying what the future generations will be facing."

"The numbers and figures alone are astounding, but nothing captures the country's vulnerability to climate change quite like images. Veejay Villafranca has spent the last six years in the Philippines photographing the impact of these extreme weather events." - @time TIME Magazine

"This is the psychological toll that the world hardly sees, and that those who are “resilient” are left with each day when the dust of all the aid workers and media has settled. " - @v_a_n_t_a_g_e VANTAGE/Medium

MAPA Books is taking orders for SIGNOS
Limited copies signed on press
Shipping in December.

Cambodian Space Project album "Spaced Out In Wonderland" is out.

Julien Poulson, a member of Asia Motion, the Cambodian Space Project guitarist and founder who also founded the Kampot Arts and Music Association" KAMA,( is the the event’s organiser of Kampot’s inaugural Writers and Readers Festival every November in Kampot ( just brought out his fifth album "Spaced Out In Wonderland".

"Spaced Out in Wonderland is the latest offering from Khmer rock revival group the Cambodian Space Project. With their previous four albums all following a similar tone as far as musical composition is concerned, it is a breath of fresh air to see them branch out and evolve as artists with this album of musical discovery and personal revelation."
please follow this link for a cracking review :

The 5th album of the Cambodian Space project is available in record stores across Australia, Cambodia Cha Cha Store and Space Four Zero in Phnom Penh and distributed by Universal on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

Kampot - Journey to the Pepper | Episode 1: Emails from Germany |Directed by Pablo Chavanel |Second Camera Polen Ly | Drone Antoine Guide

Asia Motion Co Production video produced for Hennes' Finest Kampot Pepper in Germany.
The first of 4 planned episodes showing Martin from Hennes' Finest on his annual journey to the heart of the best pepper in the world: KAMPOT.

"In the first episode Martin takes you directly into the pepper fields to the farmers. His goal: he wants to read to the pepper farmers the emails that the customers of Hennes' Finest have written to thank them for the excellent pepper. Unfortunately, the farmers themselves do not have the opportunity to check their mail without internet access and English language skills. The emails would never reach the farmers if we did not deliver them.
We close the circle from the farmer to the customer and back again. Not only customers should know who has grown their pepper. The farmers should also know who buys their pepper. It makes them incredibly proud."

Follow this link to view the full video:

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