May 2018

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Asia Motion Newsletter - May 2018

Flicker & Fade Mark Roy and Julien Poulson

"FLICKER & FADE" by Julien Poulson and Mark Roy, World Premiere at Cannes Film Festival 2018

Flicker & Fade is a super 8 film directed and produced by Julien Poulson and Mark Roy. Music by the Cambodian Space Project.
This work is a excerpt from a larger body of work that the artists are developing as a live theatre and film titled Yesterday, Once More.
Yesterday Once More is based on the disappearance (assumed murder) of Khmer diva Poev Vannary. It’s a
musical theatre work that explores extraordinary events that entwine three characters - a Singer based on Pov
Vanary, a Foreigner - a communications attached to the Australian Embassy and the Driver - a Cambodian
national who works with the Australian Embassy in Phnom Penh and who narrates the play’s story. Yesterday,
Once More is a story set over three different points in time - 1970, 1975, 1993 and is designed as ‘memory
play’ creating loops and echoes of experience, exploring the precious things we hold on to and what we leave
behind when forced to flee disaster. Propelled by a Vietnam War era soundtrack YOM also looks at the birth,
death and resurrection of South East Asian rock’n’roll.

Flicher and Fade world premiere at Cannes Film Festival
Cinema Olympia, 830pm, May 14 2018

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SINGNOS by Veejay villafranca


“The numbers and figures alone are astounding, but nothing captures the country’s vulnerability to climate change quite like these images. Veejay Villafranca has spent the last six years in the Philippines photographing the impact of these extreme weather events.” – TIME Magazine
Veejay Villafranca - SIGNOS (MAPA Books)

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"NEW KHMER CUISINE" by Simon Toffanello for silkwind-Silk Air inflight magazine May edition Singapore

Simon has been working with silkwind-Silk Air inflight magazine last month in Siem Reap. It's all about "new khmer cuisine"
Please check the link for more photos and the article.

Flicker & Fade Mark Roy and Julien Poulson

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