May 2017

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Asia Motion Newsletter - May 2017


THE ONES THAT NEVER GIVE UP, Philippines by VEEJAY VILLAFRANCA for Huawei P10 Portrait and stories

MC Black Dela Merced prepping before her show in O-bar Ortigas. Prejudice even from within the lgbtq community pushed her to fight back by working on different platforms and also teaching theatre acting to college students.
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MAK REMISSA/Fish and ants/Tokyo


We are delighted to announce that Remissa Mak gorgeous and iconic serie "Fish and Ants" is exposed in the month of Photography in Tokyo 2017
From the 26th of May until the 12 th of June 2017, at the Canon Open Gallery 1 in Tokyo, Japan.

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Recent stories

Fish & Ants

“WHEN THE WATER RISES, THE FISH EATS THE ANT; WHEN THE WATER RECEDES THE ANT EATS THE FISH” This is a well-known ancient Khmer proverb which is still very popular in the contemporary lives of Cambodian people. Fish are animals that are adept at living in water, completely different from ant...

CARSTEN STORMER The premiere of "Hell on Earth - the fall of Syria and rise of ISIS"

The premiere of "Hell on Earth - the fall of Syria and rise of ISIS" was projected at Hot Docs film festival in Toronto beginning May.
Carsten Stormer was involved as a field producer and filmed some of the footage on the film.
“Hell on Earth” was produced by National Geographic,and will be shown on Nat Geo in June.
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