March 2018

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Asia Motion Newsletter - March 2018

SIGNOS by Veejay Villafranca at Art Fair Philippines 2018 is very proud to launch Signos, the first publication by Filipino award-winning photographer Veejay Rius Villafranca at Art Fair Philippines 2018 in March.

Signos is about the lives of the people displaced by extreme weather occurrences in the Philippines. As typhoons get stronger, water levels rise and farmlands dry out, the country is faced with the reality of climate change. Signos illustrates these different environmental scenarios, further complicated by humanitarian issues such as inadequate relocation, livelihood security and human trafficking.

"Residents, who rely mostly on the sea for sustenance, was greatly affected by Typhoon Haiyan's wrath as most of their boats were destroyed leaving most of them reliant on food aid"

An outtake from the book Signos by Veejay Villafranca published by MAPA Books.

Please follow this link for more info:

George Jefferies in Uzbekistan with Benedict Allen

Uzbekistan with Benedict Allen - Episode 1 - The Road to Samarkand by George Jefferies

George just finished (shot, directed, produced, edited) a web series with Benedict Allen for a company in the UK.

The webserie was shot in Uzbekistan, in central Asia.

Here's episode 1 of 9.

Nominated for the reemtsma Liberty Award 2018: Carsten Störmer.

As a journalist, he began his career in Asia, where he worked at the Phnom Penh Post in Cambodia and at the Myanmar Times in Burma.
Today, Carsten Stormer writes and photographs as a freelance journalist for various houses. His focus is on crisis reporting and social reportage.
He is nominated for this year's Liberty Award with his dedicated TV reportages "The Holy Water of the Yazidis - a Muslim sets a mark against the genocide"
and "Schools for Afghanistan",
where he accompanies a German couple whose project is intended to catch children in whose life education has no place.
Please read his article on Zeit-Online

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