January 2019

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Asia Motion Newsletter - January 2019

©V.Villafranca 2013 from JSM 2013 edition 'Hope'

©V.Villafranca 2013 from JSM 2013 edition 'Hope'

Veejay Villafranca nominator for world press photo joop SwartMasterclass Program

#veejayvillafranca is happy to share that he now a nominator for the #worldpressphotojoop Swart Masterclass program and he is looking for photographers working on long-term and personal work from #asia.


If you're keen and would like to be considered, please send your work to vjvillafranca@gmail.com

- A dropbox/google drive link of your portfolio/project. It can be in one folder if it's a wide selection but please place different projects in separate folders.

Please send them as soon as possible as our deadline for nominations is on February.

Good luck and he is looking forward to receive your work.

EDIT: WPP removed the age limit to this program so everyone is open to send in their work.

Manuel Down Under by Carsten Stormer

This year Carsten directed and filmed his first TV series. The amazing adventure of Julius and Manuel going on a road-trip through Australia.
You can watch the series now online and with English subtitles. For those outside Germany use the VPN Windscribe. You'll get 10 GB a month free. (download here: https://deu.windscribe.com/download)
"For Carsten it was an eyeopening experience which helped him get rid of his own biases and preconceptions.
"It's extremely sad that we still live in a world where people with disabilities are hardly participating or even seen in everyday life. I think that disabled people frighten the so called "normal" because they show us how fragile our lives are."

Part 1
"Manuel has Down Syndrome but he has dreams like everybody else. He wants to make friends, get a girlfriend and go travel. His friend Julius is coming with him on a trip of a lifetime. The Down Syndrome isn't going to hold him back. He's going road tripping in Australia for two months. First stop: Melbourne. "

Part 2 -Among Calves and Kangaroos Manuel Down Under (2/5) Manuel and Julius head to the Australian countryside where they are evacuated from a local school because of a bushfire and Manuel has the time of his life driving for the first time.

Part 3 - Back on the East Coast, Manuel and Julius begin the last leg of their two-month journey. In the subtropical forests of the Tweed Valley, they meet Susanne Walden and her son Rhys, who also has Down Syndrome.

Part 4 - Ready, Steady, Go!
Manuel Down Under (4/5) Manuel and Julius are almost done travelling around Australia together. There have been ups and downs as Manuel deals with the challenges of travelling with Down Syndrome and missing home. In this fourth episode, they go to Adelaide, the coastal capital of the state of South Australia and Manuel gets his heart broken.

Part 5 Dog Biscuits and the Crash of Waves
Manuel Down Under (5/5)

"War Diary" by Carsten Stormer and Marc Wiese

Carsten Stormer and Marc Wiese are nominated for their documentary "War Diary" for the German Television award 2019 .
"5 years, 15 thousand takes, a film From 2012 to 2017, German reporter Carsten Stormer documented the war in Syria, creating the cinematic diary of an almost hopeless conflict." .
"Stormer experiences the brutality, but also the heroic courage of the people. A former teacher becomes editor-in-chief of a resistance newspaper. She smuggles cartoons against Assad through the regime's checkpoints. At first, the white helmets dig people out of the rubble without a helmet or spade. Agir, the PKK Kurd, is cooking chicken with potatoes. Suddenly the IS attacks. Agir runs out, 10 minutes war. Then Agir continues cooking. We experience the absurdity of the conflict. Carsten Stormer is always there and films hundreds of hours. And does not know what price he has to pay for it."

A production of IFAGE in coproduction with WDR in cooperation with ARTE supported by the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW.

Here is a link :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36xFFeD1vjQ

The Award of the German Television prize will take place on 31. January at the düsseldorf rheinterrasse and will be streamed live on www.wdr.de All other nominees are available here:

©V.Villafranca 2013 from JSM 2013 edition 'Hope'


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