December 2019

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Asia Motion Newsletter - December 2019

VEEJAY VILLAFRANCA Manila's changing landscape and urban displacement make it to Bloomberg's best of 2019 images


A man stands in the doorway at sunrise and looks out over fishing boats in the San Roque neighborhood of Manila,
Philippines, on Thursday, June 13, 2019. © V.Villafranca/Bloomberg News 2019

"Manila’s landscape will be changing again as new developments rise by the coastal areas and the planned reclamations push on as a solution to curb the city’s congested roads."

Anthony Asael Art in All of Us Book

10 years ago, Anthony Asael launched the Art in All of Us Book at United Nation headquarters in New York. Today Art in All of Us is still proudly alive. More than 1,200,000 children have participated in AiA ActivitiesAiA promotes #tolerance and cultural #exchange throughout all the 193 UN member countries, through art and #creativity activities. AiA endeavors to enrich the lives of #children by inspiring them through #cultural exchanges .By giving them a #voice, children are empowered to #express their #feelings, build their self-esteem, and help create a more positive future.

20 books are still available in New York and can be send to you!
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Through the images of this region, Asia Motion offers you a rich palette of colors. In order to satisfy our clients, our agency proposes the view points from diverse professional photographers and various products, such as in-depth documentaries or photos depicting key current affaires. Asia Motion offers you a variety of services ranging from social, artistic, commercial, press, fashion and advertising photography. The diversity of photography genres provides the client with a critical perspective of the world, based on quality and creativity.