April 2017

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Asia Motion Newsletter - April 2017

Die Schatten des Morgenlandes by Carsten Stormer

Die Schatten des Morgenlandes: Die Gewalt im Nahen Osten und was sie mit uns macht (German Edition) By CARSTEN STORMER

Now available in bookstores or available on Amazon.

" a great, true book, direct and sad and not comforting. The book is great literary journalism." Georg Diez (The Mirror)

"We are few. Barely Western journalist has ventured into Syria's rebel areas in recent years. But this is the price to be able to accurately research at all. We are few, and Carsten Stormer is one of them. He is an excellent narrator. Above all, he tells what happened. In a hardness which sometimes can not be easy. But that is how it is, the reality. "Christoph Reuter (Der Spiegel)

"Rarely has a reporter written a more honest book." Wolfgang Bauer (The Time)

"What makes a German journalist always go to war? Whoever reads this book will not only better understand the conflict in Syria. But also understand why Carsten Stormer has traveled for years as a reporter to the front. "The Shadows of the Morning Land" digs much deeper than the everyday media noise does, and the author is relentlessly honest with himself. Super book. "Amrai Coen (The Time)

"Whoever has been dragged over the battlefields of Syria and Iraq for years, but who nevertheless remains vulnerable, still with a heartfelt heart for a more open, fairer world - he is a great journalist and an even greater man." Ariel Mainmeier (CORREC! V)

"Stormer gives us a very personal and detailed look behind the scenes of his profession as a journalist and, at the same time, the numerous facets of the wars in Syria and Iraq, to ​​which he gives faces and humanity which can not leave us untouched." Nicolas Hénin (author of the Book: The IS and the Faults of the West: Why we can not defeat terror militarily)


"Human Nature - Bali" by VIRGINIE NOEL

Impressive and authentic photos of Virginie Noel ""Human Nature - Bali" are exposed in a group exhibition in
the Kulturzentrum Alter Schlachthof in Eupen part of the Synergie Festival des Arts.

All the pictures are printed on wood and were produced during Virginie's artist residency in Bali in 2013.
The serie offers a glimpse into the Balinese spirituality which finds its origins in a deep connection with nature and its elements.

The exhibition opened the 20th of April until the 7th of May 2017 .
For more info please follow this link http://www.alter-schlachthof.be/fr/veranstaltung/gutmannnoelpankert-vern...

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Human Nature - Bali

Human Nature - Bali When Virginie Noel decided to spend some time with the young Balinese High Priestess Ida Maharesi Alit for a photo project, she didn’t realize that a few days would turn into two weeks of intense yoga study, meditation and purification ceremonies. While most things she l...


How a revitalised rail route offers a chance to explore Cambodia's beautiful south. After more than a decade, the rail route between Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh has recently resumed, finally opening up to the beautiful countryside of Cambodia's rural south. Story and photographs published in S...


Raw View Magazine features a selection of Veejay's upcoming book, SIGNOS.
Curated by Invisible Photographer Asia's Ox Lee.

"Signos by Veejay Rius Villafranca, is a well considered, thought provoking documentation of those that are and have been effected by the constant threat and reality of typhoons in the Philippines."

This is a stunning body of work, to see more head to

Die Schatten des Morgenlandes by Carsten Stormer


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